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Remi Raine Bridal Offers Licensing Opportunity Providing You With All The Training & Tools To Achieve A Successful Business Launch.

Are you passionate about fashion?

Do you want to be a partof every bride’s once in a lifetime wedding

Do you love helping people make their dreams come true?

And would you like to earn over $100,000 per year doing it while working in the comfort of your home?

Then, Remi Raine Bridal’s Turnkey National Licensing Opportunity is perfect for you!

Be part of the team that is passionate about bridal fashion, business, weddings, and all things glamorous!

Remi Raine Bridal

We are Arizona’s premier luxury bridal boutique and specialize in couture, high-end fashion gowns. This is an exciting time for us as we have expanded our designer’s closet to bring you the absolute Best Bridal Samples from around the world to create every bride’s shopping dreamland!

The Ultimate Partnership: A Proven Business Success


The Founder of Remi Raine Bridal, Stephen Larkin has developed a concept that will allow aspiring entrepreneurs to have their own business without the high start-up cost and industry red tape.

The Remi Raine’s License concept offers an individual the opportunity to purchase a turnkey and protected territory license with affordable upfront investment.

The Remi Raine Bridal License also comes with access to all Remi Raine’s

Bridal Designers




100 Garment bags


Marketing Collateral

1 Week Training with Remi Raine bridal consultants to help

Remi Raine Bridal has partnered with a National Bank that will provide special financing with a 625 or better credit score with rates starting at 4.5%

Our goal is to get you started ASAP making money and you can grow as fast as you like.


The Remi Raine 2-year license will allow Licensees to benefit from Remi Raine’s current Google SEO placement, and the trending brand identity on social media channels. New licensees can also take advantage of Remi Raine’s dynamic marketing strategies that will benefit them right out the gate, giving our licensees the leverage they need to achieve success.

Remi Raine Bridal is partnered with a national marketing powerhouse and an award-winning photography company that has allowed us to scale our growth on all social media platforms with superb marketing content.

The Remi Raine licensee program is designed to bypass the traditional startup cost, growth pains, and industry red tape at a fraction of the cost.

Our Team Will Walk You Through The Step-by-step Process To A Successful Launch



From the moment you join the Remi Raine family, we will help provide financing for your total gown investment if needed.  Our team will be with you every step of the way while helping you secure your new mobile Bridal Boutique. Remi Raine has partnered with a national lender that will help you secure a personal loan to purchase inventory of sample gowns.




Once you secure your  Remi Raine membership  our operations team will schedule you for our online zoom training or will arrange to have you visit our corporate office located in beautiful Chandler, Arizona. Our sales team will assist you in picking your inventory to get your gowns made before your launch date. While gowns are being made our corporate staff will prepare you with awesome training,  so you are fully ready for when your stock arrives.

Our training is very informative and interactive which is very important to your success.
After this point, you will have a fully functional mobile bridal boutique, and fully prepared to hire a skilled team member to assist you.

Remi Raine Bridal has a goal and that’s to make sure we give our bride the best possible service. This is her special day and we want to go above and beyond to make sure we play a part in making her dreams come true.




After locking in your membership our team will help manage the entire process making sure you have the right vehicle to transport gowns , scheduling  software, website, social media content, measurements, choosing a seamstress in your area, to finding ambassadors to help you promote your new business in your territory.




Once your membership  is ready and your crew is strong enough, we begin our optional co-op marketing plan and our event campaign to make a big buzz in your area as a Grand Opening special.


We are the Uber Of Bridal!

The traditional retail has changed, people are shifting to more convenient ways to shop. They want it delivered directly to their home and Remi Raine Bridal does that!

With the recent COVID-19 virus, over 20,000 retail stores are closing in the USA.
And let’s be real, brick and mortar retail locations are very expensive and are not easy to maintain.

That is why we’ve come up with a Licensing Opportunity that’s all fully automated and hands-on.
Not only to help brides shop comfortably for their dream dress but also to help people start and run their own Mobile Bridal Boutique without the high start-up cost.

Book a call with us to get the process rolling!
We would love to speak to our Future Remi Raine Licensee!

Why Choose Remi Raine? These Numbers Don’t Lie!


Marketing Co-op

Each location contributes $500 to a marketing pool. We then target your location and demographics to book appointments. The power of Co-op Marketing allows each store license owner to contribute a small amount for a bigger return on their marketing and ad spend.

Example: 10 license stores contribute $500 per month to the marketing pool. That’s $5,000 that will be under one umbrella to drive in the brides that we target for each Remi Raine location. With the power of the marketing Co-op, this will allow each licensee to grow at a much faster

Profit Potential:

No more retail rent, utilities, expensive utility deposits, building insurance, etc. With these savings, the licensee can profit more.

Our mobile bridal boutique works whether you’re a stay at home mom, a college student who wants to work on weekends, or you just want an extra income.

You can help brides-to-be shop in the comfort of their home for a very affordable price.

Marketing Co-op Projections

Example: 10 licensees contribute $500 per month to the marketing Co-op pool. $5,000 per month goes towards marketing budgets on Facebook and Instagram. Remi Raine has the average booked appointment cost to about $12.

5,000/ $12 = 416 Booked appointments.
416 Appointments/ 10 locations= 42 appointments.
20% Cancellation rate = 8 cancelled appointment
Total appointments = 34

34 Appointments x 65% Close ratio = 22 sales
22 Sales x $1250 Average gown price = Gross Sales $27,500 per month.

Projections based on low sales volume: 10 gowns a month

10 Sales per month x $1250 per gown = $12,500 per month Gross sales.
Less: Expenses
10% Royalty fee $1250
Rent $0
Gasoline $200
Marketing $500
Gown cost $2500
Total Expenses $4450
Total revenue $12,500
Net sales $8050 or $96,600 annually working 15- 20 hours a week.

Alteration Revenue

The Remi Raine model is designed to have in house alterations. We will help place a master bridal seamstress in your location. Traditionally these seamstresses are 1099 contractors, and they will operate at their remote location. The fee for the alterations is based on a split that you charge the customer. Remi Raine’s corporate store has a 95% alteration scheduling after every dress purchase. Based on these numbers here are your projections.

10 gown sales per month x 95%= 9 alterations per month.

9 x $450 Average cost =$4050
50/50 split with seamstress= $2025 per month or $24,300 annually.
60/40 split with seamstress getting 60%
40% Revenue split = $1620 per month or $19,440 annually


Accessory Revenue

90% of all brides buy at least 1 accessory.
This can be a veil, necklace, belt, or earrings. Based on 10 sales a month

9 Brides x Average accessory cost $225 = $2025 Gross monthly sales
$2025 x 12= $24,300 Annually

Grand Total Monthly revenue from all sales

Net monthly income= $12,100
Net annual income= $145,200

Grand Total Gross Annual Sales $198,600
Less: Grand Total Expenses $53,400
Grand Net Total $145,200

These statistics and projections only show that the bridal industry is headed towards an upward trajectory. And this is the time you start looking at opening your own mobile bridal business.

One way you can ensure that you will start making profits with your business is to acquire a license of an ESTABLISHED BRIDAL STORE.


Don’t Take A Word From Us...
Look At What Our Clients Have To Say.

“Everyone made me feel so comfortable when looking for my dream dress! They have a great selection of gorgeous dresses and a team that knows what they are doing. Once I found “the one,” everyone celebrated with me! They even sent you photos of your fun day to share later! Loved this place!”

- Sheridan

“I could not be happier! I bought the dress of my dreams! The staff was so lovely and helpful! The perfect spot to get one of a kind wedding dress!!!! I felt like a queen the whole time! Thank you!”

- Christine Conrad

“This was my first experience with wedding dress shopping. It was a very positive experience. The selections were excellent, the ambiance and staff were fantastic. It was a very memorable experience that I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Remi Raine Bridal!”

- Desiree Anthony

“Such an incredible experience and so affordable, thank you!”

- Kelcy Hambsch

“I cannot express in words how amazing this experience was visiting Remi Raine Bridal! The moment we walked in we were greeted so kindly, the store is beautiful, open, and great lighting. This was my 4th bridal shop so by now I had a good idea on the style of dress I thought I wanted. Sharon picked out a dress that was nothing like anything else I’d tried on....and that was the one! The moment we put it on I was in love, as were my friends, all the girls were helpful. Remi Raine takes pride in being a positive safe environment and I was not disappointed, not once did I feel self-conscious or anything but special, so THANK YOU! I will always recommend Remi Raine Bridal!!”

- Roxanna Reyes

This is your chance to run your own Remi Raine Mobile Bridal Boutique!
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