Diamonds 101

Engagement season is in full swing which means your Facebook feed is about to be flooded with diamonds. Wether it is you or a friend saying “I do,” it is nice to have a little engagement ring knowledge. Which is why we put together a list of the most popular diamond cuts!

The Princess Cut – The princess cut is one of the most popular cut shapes for diamonds. This diamond sits face-up and is typically cut square, however it can be a rectangle. The profile is an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

The Oval Cut – Like the name says, an oval cut diamond is shaped like an oval. This diamond looks beautiful set alone or surrounded by smaller diamonds.

The Pear Cut – Pear cut diamonds are round and come to a narrow point, like a teardrop.

The Round Cut – The round cut diamond will also be referred to as a brilliant or diamond cut. From the top, the diamond appears to be round, however, it tapers down into a cone shape.

The Cushion Cut – Like the princess cut, the cushion is typically square however, this diamond has rounded edges, like a pillow. (Get it?)

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